Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evalgator?

Evalgator is an AI-powered recruitment solution that combines an applicant tracking system (ATS), job screening platform, coding interview module, and more. Customers have the flexibility to choose select modules (such as assessments, coding/video interview tool, ATS, etc.) or go with the full suite, depending on their requirements. User-friendliness and cost-effectiveness are the two hallmarks of this platform. 


Is there a free trial?

Yes, Evalgator is completely free for 15 days, starting from the date of registration. Thereafter, you can continue using the platform by choosing a suitable subscription plan.

What types of assessment can be conducted using Evalgator?

Evalgator can be used to conduct assessments of any kind—both technical and non-technical. This means it can be used to screen candidates for a wide variety of roles, including software developer, QA, business analyst, digital marketing, technical writing, customer service, etc. Questions with different levels of difficulty can be created and therefore it is ideal for screening both freshers and experienced candidates. 


Evalgator can also be used for non-hiring purposes, such as (1) computer lab exams in colleges (2) post-training assessments (3) skill gap assessments (4) compliance assessments (5) coding competitions, etc.


Where is Evalgator hosted?
Evalgator is hosted on Azure Cloud and leverages its various products to offer a secure, highly scalable, and reliable platform.
How do you ensure data security?
All data is hosted on Azure Cloud. Standard encryption methods and protocols are followed to ensure the security of data at rest and in transit.
What infrastructure is required to run Evalgator?

Evalgator, being a SaaS online digital assessment product, does not require any additional hardware. The application can be easily accessed over the internet.

What are the responsibilities of an Examiner on Evalgator?

An examiner is responsible for creating and managing assessments and questions. They also have oversight during assessments through the invigilator app, access to all user profiles, and the option to provide chat support.

As an examiner, can I initiate a chat with candidates?

Yes, an examiner can initiate a chat with candidates during an exam.

What is the chat support feature?

Chat support is a feature within Evalgator for candidates and the recruiters’ support team to communicate with each other and redress any issues faced by candidates during an assessment.

What is the role of a Support user in Evalgator?

The Support user role is dedicated to providing chat support to candidates during assessments, assisting them with any queries or issues they may encounter.

As a support user, can I reassign a chat ticket to a different person in my team?

A support user cannot reassign a ticket. Only an assessment admin can reassign tickets.

What privileges does a Question setter have on Evalgator?

A Question Setter has the ability to create and manage questions. In addition, they can also oversee assessments using the Evalgator invigilator app, access shared profiles, and provide chat support as needed.