Invigilator App

The Invigilator App can be used by Invigilators present at the assessment to mark attendance and verify submissions, thereby confirming the identity of candidates and the legitimacy of their submissions. Additionally, they can use the app to extend the assessment duration and add their comments. The app can be accessed by assessment admin, examiner, question setter, and invigilator user roles.

Marking Candidate Attendance

  1. Configure invigilator app settings under assessment configuration.
  2. Each candidate will be assigned a QR code for an assessment.
  3. Invigilators must download the app using the provided URL and login before the assessment.
  4. Select Scan Candidate QR to scan the QR code of candidates.                                                                 
  5. Click on Verify Attendance to confirm the attendance of candidates.      
Adding Comments on Candidates

After verifying the attendance, the invigilator will have the option to add comments about the candidates.

  1. Select the Comment button to add comments.                                                                                                       
  2. Add your comment and select Save.
Extending Assessment Time

After verifying the attendance, the invigilator will have the option to extend the assessment time for candidates.

  1. Select the Extend Time button and enter the number of minutes by which the assessment has to be extended.
  2. Click on Extend.
  3. You can enable or disable notifying candidates about the time extension with the toggle button.


Verifying Submissions

  1. Enable Mark attendance and verify submissions in the assessment configuration.                                           
  2. After the candidate has submitted their assessment, they will be shown a QR code.
  3. Select Scan New QR and scan that code.                                                                                                                                  
  4. Select Ok to verify submission.