Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relevance of a trial exam in an assessment?
Candidates can use the trial exam to familiarize themselves with the platform’s interface before attending the actual assessment. Trial questions set by the examiner will be available to candidates once they complete their registration. Candidates can also use this opportunity to ensure their browser and camera meet the specified requirements.
Can I do a trial test before taking the actual test?
Yes, you can take a trial or mock test once you complete your registration. The trial test will give you an idea of how the platform works. In case you decide not to take a trial test, you can still make use of the Help section to understand how the platform works. Alerts and quick tips are also provided to guide you through the platform and assessment.
Which browsers are supported by Evalgator?

For a smooth user experience, we recommend the latest versions of browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

What should I do if I experience a technical problem during an assessment?
You can make use of the chat support on Evalgator to raise and rectify the issue you are facing.
What should I do if I lose my Internet connection during an assessment?
Inform your recruiter immediately. All the answers you enter in Evalgator are saved automatically. When the connection is back, you can log in and resume the test, provided you have not exceeded the assessment time. Decisions regarding retest or additional time will be at the sole discretion of your recruiter.
Can I see my score while I’m taking an assessment?
No, you cannot see your score. However, you can check how many test cases you passed in your coding assessment.
Should I use the webcam during an assessment?
If face verification is enabled for the assessment, a webcam is mandatory. You will be informed of the same in the assessment invitation email.
What if I want to change the answer I submitted? Is that allowed?
No worries! You can go back to the concerned question and resubmit your answer by hitting Submit and Continue.
Do I need to click the “Finish Assessment” button to end an assessment?

No. An assessment will automatically conclude at the end of the time period set for the assessment. If you click the “Finish Assessment” button before the end of the assessment duration, the assessment will be terminated immediately and the evaluation process will commence.

What is the relevance of the ‘“Finish Assessment” button if each assessment automatically concludes at the end of its duration?

Clicking the “Finish Assessment” button will terminate an assessment and trigger result calculation. The termination will be immediate regardless of whether there is time pending for the assessment to conclude.